Brandon Erinn Ryan Colin

-- Brandon --

Dr's Brandon Murray and Mary McGahay were married Feb 2023. It was a great day for all. Some other pictures

Brandon is working at Plug Power and Mary at IBM in Albany. They are currently kindof looking for a house in the Troy area.

They are continuing their world travels. Next up is Iceland Sept 2023.

-- Ryan --

Aug 2023 - Ryan is working on finishing up his undergraduate work for physical therapy. This spring he should be doing his internship before moving onto a graduate program.

During xmas and summer breaks he stays home and works at Shoprite. Seems working for Shoprite is a family tradition because Dad worked many years there. Erinn worked for a few days before realizing it wasn't for her. Brandon and Colin worked at Shoprite for a few years as well.

Ryan, Colin and two other friends are living in a house in Buffalo.


-- Erinn --

Sept 2023 - Erinn and her boyfriend Matt are moving together into a new place in Albany.

Even before getting together with Matt, Erinn was getting into golf. Well, Matt who has a disgusting single number handicap has really helped Erinn to improve this year. She also ran her first 5K in Aug and looking to improve her time in her next race in Oct.

April 2023 - Erinn took a job as a social worker at Albany Medical Hospital.

May 2021 - Erinn completed her Master of Social Work (from The College of Saint Rose)
She is now working as a social worker for the Center for Disability Services in Albany.
It makes Dad & Mom feel better that Brandon is somewhat nearby in Troy. Ryan & Colin have stayed with her whenever passing through from Buffalo to home.

June 2022 - She had a blast on her first cruise taken with her good friend Abby.

-- Colin --

Aug 2023 - At first, he had trouble finding a job as they required previous experience. He found work at a soil testing lab until jumping ship to a new job as a lab technician.
Besides the better hours and pay he is required to shave his beard.

May 2022 - Colin graduated from SUNY Buffalo with a bachelors in Pharmaceutical Science.

There is no link to the NFL pool site from here.

Please send me an email if lost.

-- Sean & Robyn-

Aug 2023 - Weren't able to go on vacation this summer. Working on Myrtle Beach plans for next summer. The kids are hoping to join us and maybe some friends might come by.

Feb 2023 - Robyn's 60th!!!

Yes, we tried to put sixty candles on the cake and somehow didn't burn down the house.

Oct 2022 - Sean received his dream truck the electric Ford-150 Lightning. He is loving it and refusing to drive an ICE ever again.

Frunk is loaded after a Sam's Club run. Normally it's where the golf clubs are stored.

Robyn is working hard on her crafting business. Brandon's room was repurposed as her work room.
July 2023 - She recently got a laser cutter but hasn't had much time to use it yet.


Updated 8/24/23